How about a rhinestone bag to go with those shoes? Friday, Nov 13 2009 

Yes, for things that glitter, there will be a sequel. You’ve seen cool cuffs and shoes that shine, so let’s take a look at the bag and crowning jewels to top it all off.
Antik Batik clutch Crystal Clutch
If I could spend $272 on a clutch, I would probably spend it on this one by Antik Batik. But I can’t.  So I’m taking a second look at this “Sparkle-licious” eye candy from  This piece by Angee and Vincci is only $90 but still includes special touches like a big, crystal brooch and a bright pop of pink liner on the inside!
instyle rhinestone page cropped silver crystal necklace
This regal Marni piece is made of wool, metal, and Swarovski crystals.  Of course, you have to be royalty to afford a $1,242 piece of bling. This beauty is called Tangled Royalty, with light pink crystals and delicate charms in one big, sexy bunch!

And here’s one more, just for the heck of it.

rhinestone rose earrings

This pair of Opulant Edwardian Rose earrings is by mythunderstood on Etsy.  They’re only $27, and they are absolutely elegant. These would  immediately turn your LBD into a breathtaking, feminine ensemble.

So, there’s your second dose of shine and rhinestones of the antique variety.  Happy hunting!


‘Tis the Season to be Shiny Wednesday, Nov 11 2009 

It’s about that time to make the rounds of holiday parties and don your best (and most slimming) apparel to impress the in-laws and other relatives. Not to mention sequins and rhinestones are just hot right now. (How convenient!) I love InStyle magazine for its inspiring look-book pages, but sometimes a girl just can’t drop $2K on a fancy pair of shoes, no matter how hot they make her calves look. Let’s look at some alternatives, yes?
dannijo cuffs silver cuffrhinestone leather bracelet
Now, these Dannijo cuffs are gorgeous, but at $268 and $245, you wonder if you might be able to buy an entire outfit! It’s amazing what you can find at Support small businesses and artists by purchasing these equally gorgeous and truly unique pieces. The simple leather cuff with the flower is made from a recycled leather belt. You can order this cuff by CowgirlsAreForever for only $27.50. The leather and rhinestone cuff is by Heather Jean Skalwold (KickshawCurio) and is only $45. Wow! I can buy something with ruffles and it doesn’t cost $100 extra.
ferragamo shoe chandelier shoesRSVP shoescrystal betsey johnson shoes
This Farragamo shoe would cost you a whopping $1,890. Enough said. OR you could buy all 3 pairs of these…7 times. The Monet-15 Sexy High Heel Shoes by Pleaser have a glamourous chandelier effect going on for only $77.45. The RSVP pumps are $72.14 and come with free shipping. And if you really do need a well-known designer label, these darling Betsey Johnson peep-toes are only $119.70.

More on this later.  I haven’t even shown you the purse and the other jewelry I found!
(Certain photos courtesy of InStyle Magazine.)